Our Mission Statement and Values

Our Mission Statement

Our Mission is to provide investment opportunities to our investors. We do this through a stringent acquisition process with thorough due diligence purchasing properties where we can increase value. We also provide active property and asset management programs. Majority of the properties we buy allow us to upgrade through rehabilitation, expansion, or changing the rental mix.

Our Values

Our Senior Management Team averages over 20 years of real estate experience per person. Thus, we value management personnel who have lived through real estate cycles and have been successful in good and challenging times. We value management experiences in being able to spot opportunities and to react quickly to those opportunities.

We value our local, national, and international relationships that have been developed in 20 years of doing business. We continue to strengthen our network of professional relationships as the markets continues to strengthen.

Most importantly we value our clients. When it comes to our clients’ investment needs, it’s safety of their investment first, and then, financial returns.

Who We Are

Madison Realty Companies is a private real estate firm with expertise in acquiring income producing real estate.

Why Us

Our senior executive team averages 20 years of individual experience.

Investment Strategy

Our clients are individuals who are seeking risk adjusted rates of return.
We purchase properties below market value when possible.
We upgrade or expand properties to add value to our investors’ capital.

Los Angeles


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