Single Family Homes

Madison Realty utilizes over 35 years of commercial real estate experience to create strategic investment programs that realize upside and significant cash flow. Both our institutional and private equity holders have invested with us over $2 Billion in capital investing in $6 billion of properties.

Combined Senior Executive experience of over 140 years, enables us to move through market changes, benefiting from various asset classes for opportunistic buys and sells taking advantage of current market conditions. We have purchased hundreds of homes using extensive due diligence and financial modeling. Whether it is a single house or bulk purchases, we meet our investment objects for our investors by buying below market, fixing cosmetic and necessary repairs, and with a market rate lease or sale. Overall strategy is to hold most of these homes to experience future gains with the stabilizing housing market.

Our in-house management company has years of experience upgrading homes and keeping tenants happy while collecting rents.

Strategy for our Single Family Homes Program:

Guidelines in acquiring single family homes and condominiums:

  • $60,000 to $400,000 price range
  • Usually requiring minimal improvement costs
  • In target areas with good schools, parks, families

Home Criteria for Acquisition:

  • Rental Strategy: 8-12% returns and above
  • Resell Strategy: 10% or more returns on flip/resale (30% + annual returns)


  • Our strategy is to hold 80% of our homes for rental and future appreciation.
    For the homes we sell, we seek to realize an annual return of 30-60% IRR.

Sample of our Value-Added Homes

Who We Are

Madison Realty Companies is a private real estate firm with expertise in acquiring income producing real estate. We were founded over 20 years ago.

Why Us

Each member of our senior executive team has 30 plus years of individual experience. We have acquired and managed over six billion dollars of U.S. real estate in over 30 states.

Investment Strategy

Our clients are institutions, individuals and foreign investors who are seeking risk adjusted, attractive rates of return.
Safety. We purchase properties below market value. This provides us a margin of error.
Upside. We upgrade or expand properties to add value to our investors’ capital and increase cash flows.

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