Tax Deferred “1031 Exchange”

Would you like to avoid federal and state taxes and the tax on any depreciation recapture from the sale of your investment property?

Madison Realty Companies can make such a sale painless, as we have income producing properties that you can exchange into.

How is this possible?

Together, we find investment properties of the same character – what the IRS calls “like kind” – that you would prefer to own.

This means that both the property you want to sell, and the property you want to acquire, have been held for investment.

Within 45 days after the sale of your property closes we agree on a replacement property, and you acquire it within 180 days of the close of the sale of your property.

Our Qualified Intermediary holds the funds from the sale of your property and you never have “constructive receipt” of them.

Madison Realty Companies can provide you with a replacement property so you have no taxable gain from your property sale, on which you would otherwise pay capital gains taxes and a tax on depreciation recapture.

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When you’re thinking of selling your property, come and talk with us.

Who We Are

Madison Realty Companies is a private real estate firm with expertise in acquiring income producing real estate.

Why Us

Our senior executive team averages 20 years of individual experience.

Investment Strategy

Our clients are individuals who are seeking risk adjusted rates of return.
We purchase properties below market value when possible.
We upgrade or expand properties to add value to our investors’ capital.

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